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Diced Dates in Dubai UAE

Diced Dates in Dubai UAE
Pitted Diced Chopped Dates

Diced Dates or Chopped Dates are rich in natural nutritious contents and manufactured from the best quality dates under hygienic conditions in Dubai UAE. We produce diced dates under hygienic conditions. 

Diced Dates are 100% natural and free from fat and cholesterol. Diced Dates are commonly used in as sugar substitute in milk, breakfast cereals along with nuts and dried fruit to develop a delightful taste. Diced Dates are also for cooking, baking and other sweet dishes. Diced or Chopped Dates are the main ingredient to make instant home made cakes and pastries. Diced Dates are a great source of dietary fiber.

We bring Diced Dates for our wholesale customers in bulk packing, carefully sealed in environment friendly packing material.

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